As Cosmo Motor Oil, we work with our strong belief in team spirit and teamwork in the production of diesel engine oils, gasoline engine oils, motor oils, industrial oils, grease, transmission and differential oils and automotive special products.

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In addition to the moral support we offer to our distributors that wave our flag on 3 continents, we provide real support and benefit in the fields of marketing and implementation.


In order to increase the brand awareness of the Cosmo Motor Oil brand, we increase our competitiveness with our Distributor Support Package, provide our distributors with the opportunity to promote and support our distributors to provide perfect service to their customers.

Products included in the Distributor Support Package:

Oil Change Card
Product Catalogs
T-shirt, Vest, Coat, Overalls
Swallow Flag
Table Top Flag
Oil and Grease Pumps
Vehicle wraps

We are very pleased to write success stories on 3 continents with our competent and expert distributors who are passionate about our work. If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact us.